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Helium Heaters

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Helium Heater Controllers

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Kryo Bot Portable Decanting

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FLX5 Flexible Level Sensors

For over ten years, KIC has manufactured Cryogenic Level Sensors for a variety of applications and Cryogens such as LN2, LOX, LNG, and Lar. These reliable instruments can be configured in many shapes and can be manufactured to han-dle pressures up to 100 bar.

Our newest offering not only combines the KIC reliable de-sign, it now can be manufactured as a flexible sensor. This new capability is ideal for older legacy tanks and for applica-tions where the sensors must traverse around corners and difficult tank geometries.

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CLS5 Tube Level Sensor

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Electric Vaporizer (54kW)

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Custom Laboratory Management

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Helium Pressure Booster

The KIC Helium Pressure Booster is a pressure transducer, heater and heater controller built into a single compact and space-efficient package capable of delivering up to 35 watts of heat into a dewar to maintain a pressure of 5 or 8 psi using a selector switch (selection pressure can be set at the factory from 2 to 14 psi, contact KIC sales team for more information).


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Pi-5D Digital Indicator Controller

The PI-5D Digital Display Indicator is an ideal choice to display the tank level when connected to the KIC FLX5, and legacy CLS5A, Level Sensors. This indicator accepts the 0-5 VDC signal and displays at as a percentage or actual column height.

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