Mission Statement:

Excellence in Cryogenics defines Kelvin International (KIC)’s commitment for producing quality products from a simple instrument to a complex system.  KIC excels in understanding what the customer needs, thus providing a solution that hits the technical, safety, and cost targets.  As a small company, KIC has the flexibility to implement the best solutions quickly, and effectively.

KIC History:

Our company was founded in 1993 as an exclusive agent for the Iwatani International Corporation of Japan, for promoting for their line of semiconductor LN2 generators.  Over the years, and as partners retired from the company, the ownership transferred to a privately held family ownership.  This evolution provided the ability to focus the KIC vision by developing new products.  Since then, our customer base and product lines have continued to expand in new markets with fresh and bold ideas.

Challenges bring to us opportunities.  When a product is too complex, expensive, or difficult to source, we rely on our Engineering Team to implement a better solution.  Nearly 15% of our resources generate new products and R&D.  This is quite unique for a small company to self-fund new ideas.  This investment has returned a very good niche of the cryogenic technology market.

Our products are in daily use in every continent including the Arctic Circles.  Our customers have a variety of applications including semiconductor, military, mining, bio-medical, food preparation, and scientific research.  The KIC business plan and vision extends to the limits of our imagination and experience.