Product List: Accessories



Kryo Bot Portable Decanting

The Kryo-Bots is the perfect solution for LN2 dispensing.  Easily moved between rooms, its stores and automatically decants LN2 to the instrument or tool by simply pressing of a button.  For completely automated control, the target dewar can be integrated with the KIC level sensor.  Simply connect the instrument to the Kryo-Bot and it will maintain a constant level based on volume or by timing routines.  Never let your tool run dry, let the Kryo-Bot do the work for you!


Foam Insulated LN2 Transfer Lines

An economical and practical solution for transferring liquid nitrogen exists where double-wall insulated tubing is commercially available. This application eliminates the need for the more expensive and fixed Vacuum Jacketed alternative. Just simply cut and reconnect with compression fittings or solder joints. The foam can be slit, glued, and taped for seamless and frost-free joints.


Cryogenic Solenoid Operating Valves

It very simple to select and use a solenoid valve for transferring LN2 or venting cryogenic gases. KIC distributes the Jefferson Cryogenic valves keeping inventory for immediate delivery. Both direct acting and pilot operated models are available with Brass bodies. For Stainless Steel or reverse acting (NO) applications, special orders are possible.